Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Initial Ideas - Experimental Animation

For my experimental animation I think I've settled on the 'Oam_s_Blues-C' track as Derek advised our animation steer away from having a particular meaning or story line and I feel this is quite a versatile and quirky tune.

On the basis of not having a story line; I thought through what visuals don't relate to having structure or hold particularly renowned symbolism. I thought of a constant, flowing movement and appearing and changing images. I then thought what would aesthetically look decorative and artistic - seeing as what the animation looks like is really important to me to get across my personal style. I thought then of a fair ground carousel- constantly turning, not progressing in any way, steady and flowing.

I think within the boundaries of a carousel there are great possibilities. I thought of other experimental animations I've seen and one we watched in class called 'Dot' which is the latest Aardman animation:

This hands on stop-motion, hand-crafted approach with touches or real life objects e.g the bee and needles, made me think of making my own stage/props. I've decided through combining all these ideas to set the bar high and hand craft my own carousel to animate too. I'm trying to be optimistic but at the same time think this will be a huge challenge but I like to push myself creatively and I know I will learn a lot from it.

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