Thursday, 14 October 2010

Carousel Photos.

This first picture I found on google images I thought is a good break down of what 2 basic elements my carousel should be;
  1. Initial central pole skeleton to hold up the rotating elements of the structure,
  2. Rotating base and roof connected via supporting poles.
I thought this was a interesting angle to look at the carousel- not from the p.o.v of the girl, but traditional architecture (such as a carousel) with a modern/experimental/simplified/art deco take.
This is a grand, real-life, fair ground carousel. I think this is too complex to use and the base stage for a animation and there's too much visual noise and beautiful but complex and distracting detail.

This is a wind up carousel I have which plays music from a music box underneath. I like the idea of music box style audio to this particular animation- I may try and sample some music box style sounds into the edit.

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