Friday, 29 January 2010

Live at 5

For our 'Live at 5' project, working with Broadcasting, I made a animated sun and a rugby player:
The rugby player was for the sports table results and the sun was for a weather map. Unfortunately, Broadcasting chose not to use my rugby player sequence. I made him from tracing over different moving sections of him in photoshop (i.e. leg, arm, head) then importing them all as individual items to the library in flash and animating them.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Portrait Portfolio

Here are some portfolio sketches I started working on over snow week when I got back early January.

Jeffree Star. 4 hours. Pencil.
Some magazine bird. 5 hours. Pencil.
Robert Pattinson. 6 hours. Pencil.
Lily Cole. 2 hours. Pencil.
Lily Cole - Acrylic. 4 hours.

I think since I began doing them I have progressed a lot in the sense I can define shadows and shading more effectively. In addition to this, I found myself getting quicker and quicker at producing pictures. Also, the picture in acrylic above is my first acrylic painting ever and I'm please to have tried it. I found it really hard at first and didn't realize how bold the un-watered down colours are, but I carried on and built up on the layers and got to a comfortable medium which I enjoyed working in.