Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Duncan Grant.

Out of the Bloomsbury artists, Duncan Grant is one who's s
tyle I most admire and will draw from in the animation bible project. I think his work is very versatile and energetic and with some, mainly the later in his career after his modernism, I can visualize his style in animation.

I found a really inspiring quote in 'The Art of Bloomsbury: Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant.' By Richard Shone; 'Grant acknowledged only the most minimal relation of his painting, denying it was an 'illustration of the subject. but a rhythm which came out of the subject.'

Grant and Vanessa Bell's landscapes I find really appeal potentially to me for this project as they are bold, but without dark or defining lines around anything to distract from any animation happening in the foreground.

Vanessa Bell, "View of the Pond at Charleston". Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant leased Charleston in 1917, so this was painted sometime after that.

The Bloomsbury Group Research

References from 'The Art of Bloomsbury:
Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant'
By Richard Shone
With essays by James Beechey and Richard Morphet.

(Close ups of those)

3rd Year Thumbnail background design ideas.

Here are some space design idea thumbnails for Alex's 3rd year animation.

It shows various stylized moon variations, different proportions of earth to sky, comparisons of numerous craters to fewer. Now I just need to get Alex's opinion on which style, layout and design he prefers most.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

3rd Year Collaboration

For my 3rd year collaboration brief I am helping Alex Jolliffe. He has asked me to desgin a background for his space scene and suggested I look at 'Eagle Comics'. Here is an example of a space scene from the comics.

I really like the marbled effect layered over the top of the planets and space. I will look into ways of doing this to incorporate with my work for him.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Pre Production - Bankers?

For my pre-production brief I got the word 'Banker' for my character. I was on a train recently and happened to have a seat in first class when I saw two gentlemen sitting opposite me. I discreetly manage to sketch them. They looked amazing. Unfortunately they got slightly damp in the rain and ran. -so did the men too probably.

I thought they would suit the title 'bankers' quite well?