Friday, 27 November 2009

2D Walk Cycle animation

This is a walk cycle I did based on my own walk we had to study and try to recreate. I found it really hard to make the hands look normal and think they look unatural still, I think my walk in general is weird.

This is another 2D animation I did before the one above. I prefer the way it bounces- it's more alive looking. I didn't draw in arms as I wanted to focus on the walk cycle and movement and stretch and squash.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Life Drawing

Here are a few drawings from our animal head's brief I've been working on. I especially like the idea of using animals that sing in place of busker heads- e.g where I used the canary head for the guitarist busker.

This drawing is done in graphite pencil, 6B, of a ram skull. I'm please with it as I think the few lines I used to show the shape of the skull are effective and the shading gives a sense of realness.

This is a drawing I did trying to keep in mind how weight on bodies is held. It's one of the drawings I'm most pleased with so far, although I think the left leg is too long.

Pixelation Animation

Here is a pixelation animation I worked on in a small group. I'm really please with it considering it only took several hours to make.