Thursday, 14 October 2010

Carousel brain storming.

Here are some initial ideas for the Carousel;

I was deciding after looking at pictures of real life and toy carousels to base mine on a more toy-looking carousel which are more basic. I think if I have things animating on the carousel stage it is important to have quite a simple/pretty/basic set so the effort I put into animating isn't wasted because attention is directed more towards the background. Moreover, to make sure the audience aren't visually misdirected from any animation I will probably have the carousel spinning for a few seconds to the music so the scene is set momentarily before any real action or ideas come into play.

I was contemplating wether to make the carousel round or pentagon or hexagon. I've decided on a circular carousel as on investigation that is what shape real-life ones are, and I only thought of using angled edges to calculate number of turns in animating but instead I will put clock style markers so I can turn the carousel a equal rotation each time.

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