Monday, 28 February 2011

Filming 90 Second Silent Film

On Wednesday we filmed our 90 second silent film. It went really well I'm completely happy with the results. Currently the footage is being edited.

We met around 12pm, changed into costume, the boys slicked over their hair, Tom shaved some handle bars and a tash onto his face, I did cheesey Charlie Chaplin style make up and we started filming. Unfortunately it started raining half way through and we all got soaked- but like true animators, we embraced the misfortune and perused. We filmed all day and up until day light was none.

Problems that arose and how we tackled them- initially it was just the danger of the rain on the camera but we got an umbrella and managed to keep the rain off with Christian camera assisting. Then we realized we didn't have permission to film outside a specific hotel we'd found nearl Gylly Beach but I went in and asked at reception (dressed like a millionare's wife) the addressed me as 'Madam' and told me it was 'perfectly fine.' Also it was a problem when we started loosing light (with nights drawing in by 5) but we managed to squeeze everything in luckily.

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