Friday, 22 January 2010

Portrait Portfolio

Here are some portfolio sketches I started working on over snow week when I got back early January.

Jeffree Star. 4 hours. Pencil.
Some magazine bird. 5 hours. Pencil.
Robert Pattinson. 6 hours. Pencil.
Lily Cole. 2 hours. Pencil.
Lily Cole - Acrylic. 4 hours.

I think since I began doing them I have progressed a lot in the sense I can define shadows and shading more effectively. In addition to this, I found myself getting quicker and quicker at producing pictures. Also, the picture in acrylic above is my first acrylic painting ever and I'm please to have tried it. I found it really hard at first and didn't realize how bold the un-watered down colours are, but I carried on and built up on the layers and got to a comfortable medium which I enjoyed working in.

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