Thursday, 8 October 2009

Morph Frog Animation

Our assignment was to morph a circle (from a template we got given) into anything we wanted and then back again in 12 frames. I attatched mine for you to see. I decided to make something interact with the circle rather than the circle morph.
I chose a toad after seeing loads the other night in the rain because they inspired me.. strangely enough.
This took about.. 3 ish hours to do and it's just a test, so it's not amazing, and we don't get marked, else I would have spent longer on it.
I was going for a sort of Hibbert Ralph Entertainment 'Spider In The Bath' feel.
I did it in pencil and coloured pencil.

If I did it again I would have used water colour as I don't think the pencil flowed very well. Although this may have made the paper curl and look uneven in sequence.

I did really enjoy seeing this all come together and can't wait to do more animations!

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