Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First Lesson Ideas

For our 2D Animation brief we have been given a piece of paper with a circle inside to morph over 12 drawings into a shape/design of our choice. We have to remember to number each drawing and we can introduce colour if we want to.

After having insomnia last night and venturing out along for a long wander in the rain, I came across dozens of little toads hopping along the undergrowth by our campus. I was drawing frogs from the moment I got up, stupid as it sounds, but it took me back to when I found toads in my garden at home and how enormous I remember them being. I had found my inspiration. Toads.

My initial idea is to morph the circle into a lilly pad, where a fly is sun bathing. A frog's head pops up from the water right of the page as if from bird's eye view and sucks it up with his tongue.
I'm planning to create this animation in pencil or water colour to introduce subtly colour to the animation without being to harsh to watch.

Here are my first sketches:

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