Monday, 23 January 2012

Thought machine concept sketchings

Spring Fan Machine
This machine works through a series of fans.
The top compartment works via a vacum which intakes the thoughts and idea clouds, processes and compacts them into a series of taps and test tubes at the bottom of the machine.

Projector Machine
This machine works by collecting the thoughts and ideas in a central triangular fan compressor which is then blows like a projector to expose them on a sheet on the far right so they are visable.

Intestinal Machine
This machine works by taking the thoughts into a bowl at the top of the device, which are then worked through the machines series of tubes which resemble a human intestinal process. By the end of the tubes the thoughts and ideas are compressed and drip out a tap into the desired holding device. The machine is supported on wooden boards and shoes as this is all Kernel can provide.
Turbo Wind-machine
This machine, like the others, again takes in ideas and thoughts through the top fan. The taps sorrounding this are used to adjust compression and pressure gages. Dials and panels on the machines front indicate machines specs.

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