Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Duncan Grant.

Out of the Bloomsbury artists, Duncan Grant is one who's s
tyle I most admire and will draw from in the animation bible project. I think his work is very versatile and energetic and with some, mainly the later in his career after his modernism, I can visualize his style in animation.

I found a really inspiring quote in 'The Art of Bloomsbury: Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant.' By Richard Shone; 'Grant acknowledged only the most minimal relation of his painting, denying it was an 'illustration of the subject. but a rhythm which came out of the subject.'

Grant and Vanessa Bell's landscapes I find really appeal potentially to me for this project as they are bold, but without dark or defining lines around anything to distract from any animation happening in the foreground.

Vanessa Bell, "View of the Pond at Charleston". Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant leased Charleston in 1917, so this was painted sometime after that.

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