Wednesday, 3 November 2010

11 Second Club Animatic

Here is a animatic for the 11 Second Club brief showing my initial ideas I drew on post it notes for the dialogue.

The scene is set at a circus and the 11 seconds see the ring master catch a clown red handed in the act of stealing his prized elephant, Nelly.

On watching this animatic back; I think to give the ring master more reason to accuse the clown of elephant theft, and to be generally more humorous, I will depict the elephant squeezed into a tiny clown car looking rather bewildered and squashed.

The characters, aesthetically, I want to be very silhouette like, block colours only showing a few facial features and important clothing items to depict and represent who they are. For example the clowns nose will be very poignant and the ring master's mustache and bow tie.

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